Business challenge

Konvo wanted to deliver users personalized trends based on user filter input in real time allowing users to filter through the social noise to get into the conversations most important to them.


The website uses cognitive capabilities to give users a feed that not only consolidates sources but matches conversations to users with more sophistication than hashtags or keywords could provide.


3 months sooner to market

using cognitive API services rather than relying on in-house custom development

USD 22,000 development cost saved

for the latest update by using API services rather than in-house programming

Builds expected user base

by offering a unique blend of social and commerce to deliver a social commerce solution unlike anything in the market.

Business challenge story

Social noise needing to be filtered

The creators of wanted to provide a platform that housed not only the most relevant content to each user but also delivered a virtual shopping and business environment that was driven and validated by social engagement—a true social commerce platform. The company began live beta testing on Amazon Web Services in 2014. Although the site consolidated social media feeds, Konvo wanted to give users more value by filtering and prioritizing the most relevant posts. The company began developing algorithms to analyze and prioritize conversations but needed to contain the cost and complexity of custom development.

“Konvo can achieve levels of analytical sophistication and accuracy that were previously out of our grasp.”

—Davide de Vincentiis, Director and Co-founder, Konvo Ltd.

Transformation story

Cognitive capabilities match conversations to users now uses an IBM platform and IBM® Watson™ application programming interfaces (APIs) to gain accelerated speed and expanded capabilities. The solution uses IBM Watson AlchemyLanguage API natural language processing (NLP) to identify phrases, keywords and images in trending conversations. Then, it categorizes, correlates and arranges the discussions, prioritizing them for each user with IBM Watson Personality Insights API functionality. These cognitive API capabilities work with Konvo’s TrueTrends algorithm to select and recommend discussions of interest with much more sophistication than a simple search on hashtags or keywords. Konvo users can also combine their social media feeds with content from news, fashion, travel and other information providers such as CNN and Forbes. As Konvo further develops its platform, it will incorporate business, advertising, shop and enterprise features to help make it a robust revenue model that attracts advertisements from businesses.

Results story

Advanced cognitive conversational analysis

Konvo saved three months of time and more than USD 22,000 by bringing its latest updates to market with IBM Watson APIs. It has also enhanced its solution’s capabilities with the differentiating advantage of advanced cognitive conversational analysis. The new analytical capabilities help Konvo select and feature discussions and threads that are uniquely relevant to an individual user with greater accuracy than competitors.

By analyzing, correlating and prioritizing discussions with cognitive intelligence, Konvo has a tangible advantage over standalone social networks and other social network aggregators. Cognitive NLP and personality insights give Konvo the sophistication to match conversations to users with higher accuracy and relevance than a standard search on hashtags or keywords.

Before the new solution, Konvo could show users a unified stream of all their social media discussions, but it could not effectively filter or prioritize information. Now, the company uses cognitive capabilities to match users with the conversations and topics that are most important to them, prioritizing them accordingly in the user’s Konvo feed.

The new solution uses API access to social network feeds along with rich site summary (RSS) feeds from finance, technology, business, food, gaming, design and other news providers.

Konvo Ltd.

Based on the Gold Coast, Australia, Konvo Ltd. is a social network company that is developing Konvo, a new online platform that delivers personalized content to each of its users. With TrueTrends™, users can customize content to engage what is most relevant to them. Konvo is already in live beta testing at Established in 2014, the company has about 20 employees.