Business challenge

To launch a self-learning climate-control solution, Ambi Labs needed powerful infrastructure to host the offering’s machine-learning algorithms and data.


Choosing SoftLayer infrastructure based on its global data center presence and high-performance technology, Ambi Labs provisioned a scalable hybrid hosting environment.


Turnkey infrastructure

for a smooth, rapid launch of the new Ambi Climate offering

Powerful bare metal servers

to run intensive machine-learning and data workloads

Complimentary data sharing

among SoftLayer locations supports cost-effective growth

Business challenge story

Seeking scalable hosting for a new climate-control offering

To help consumers more easily manage indoor environments, Ambi Labs created Ambi Climate, a self-learning climate-control device that interfaces directly with air-conditioning units. “Our core differentiator is the comfort learning system based on artificial intelligence,” says Julian Lee, Ambi Labs founder and chief executive officer. “Ambi Climate learns what feels comfortable to an individual and adjusts accordingly.”

“With SoftLayer, we can really tap in to the full power of the hardware and run things as quickly as we need to.”

—Julian Lee, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Ambi Labs

The business needed powerful, cost-effective hosting infrastructure for Ambi Climate’s machine-learning algorithms and data. “As a startup, we needed the ability to scale quite quickly,” says Lee. “And our manpower resources are limited, so we couldn’t really afford to deal with additional overhead.”

Transformation story

Deploying a powerful hybrid cloud infrastructure

Evaluating cloud hosting solutions that included the DigitalOcean platform, Ambi Labs determined that SoftLayer® cloud infrastructure offered the global data center presence and high-performance technology its new product required. The company provisioned virtual and bare metal servers in the SoftLayer data center in Singapore, creating a high-performance hybrid infrastructure.

“Machine learning is quite computationally intensive, so to have those nodes running on a bare metal server is very beneficial,” says Lee. “With SoftLayer, we can really tap in to the full power of the hardware and run things as quickly as we need to.”

Results story

Rapidly launching with a turnkey SoftLayer solution

The SoftLayer cloud platform provided the turnkey infrastructure solution Ambi Labs needed to rapidly and easily launch the Ambi Climate offering. “SoftLayer was ideal for us because we were able to tap in to really rock-solid connections and have everything already set up and done,” says Lee. “It was plug and play—everything just works.”

As Ambi Labs continues to grow its business, SoftLayer infrastructure will help the company scale seamlessly while managing costs. “The free bandwidth among SoftLayer data centers is critical,” says Lee. “When we roll out to multiple data centers, it will become a major advantage.”


About Ambi Labs

Founded in 2012 and headquartered in Hong Kong, Ambi Labs is an electronics developer working to improve consumer interactions with household products. The company creates hardware and software solutions that seamlessly enhance device usability and solve common domestic challenges.