Business challenge

iQventures wanted to revolutionize call centers by applying analytics to every customer conversation, but the organization’s innovative ideas required the support of a cognitive tool.


With the Watson™ Tone Analyzer service, iQventures can detect each caller’s mood, whether happy, angry or disgusted. Using agent, keyword and other filters, businesses can quickly identify and address issues or determine and share best practices.


Improves productivity

by eliminating the need to listen to hours of recorded conversations for quality assurance

Boosts customer service

by providing unprecedented insight into callers’ responses to agents, topics and scripts

Helps analyze outcome

of every call every day

Business challenge story

Optimizing customer calls

For many organizations, call centers are a key source of customer contact and interaction, so ensuring that agents handle calls as efficiently, professionally and accurately as possible is paramount. To that end, some businesses record and listen to a small percentage of calls for quality assurance reviews. Others gather feedback directly from customers by asking them to participate in short surveys after their calls are complete.

“Our customers can see everything that’s happening with their businesses. The platform allows them to monitor every single call every single day.”

—Nick Bandy, Chief Executive Officer, iQventures

Unfortunately, neither of these methods provides a complete picture of call center effectiveness. Small problems go unnoticed until they become much larger problems, and identifying trends among employees, products or call centers is more about luck than research.

iQventures wanted to change that by enabling customers to review all of their calls quickly and effortlessly, identifying trends and problems automatically to help optimize customer interactions. To fulfill its dream of revolutionizing call center management, iQventures sought out an IBM® Watson™ service.

Transformation story

Analyzing callers’ moods

With the Watson team, iQventures is making its vision a reality. By combining the Watson Tone Analyzer service with speech recognition technology, call center managers now have a valuable set of tools for assessing call center effectiveness. The proof is in the quality of the Tone Analyzer service, which uses linguistic analysis to detect three key aspects of conversation: emotion, social tendencies and language style. This helps iQVentures identify callers’ tones, including anger, fear, joy, sadness and disgust, through customizable dashboards.

Nick Bandy, chief executive officer (CEO) of iQventures, explains: “When you look at calls at the agent, group or office level, you start seeing trends over time. For example, I can look across agents and see their sentiment scores. There might be someone whose calls are really positive, so I can leverage best practices from that agent. Conversely, I might see low scores for an individual or a topic, and I can drill down to try to find the best way to address that.”

Results story

Increasing call effectiveness

With dashboards that highlight both positive and negative calls and allow managers to apply various filters, iQventures helps eliminate the need to review hours of call center audio to ferret out problems. The solution also helps improve customer service by providing new insight into callers’ responses to agents, scripts and topics. As Bandy explains: “In effect, our customers can see everything that’s happening with their business. The platform allows them to monitor every single call every single day. That’s huge.”


About iQventures

Founded in 2014, iQventures provides contact center and call intelligence technology to help make call center agents more effective, improve customer engagement and gain new insight from phone interactions. Based in Columbus, Ohio, in the US, iQventures has approximately 20 employees and serves customers in the banking, retail and travel industries.