Business challenge

iTrend wanted to offer businesses a way to derive insights from the massive amounts of unstructured data posted about their products and services online.


Using IBM® Watson™ APIs, iTrend gathers information from social media, blogs, videos and live streaming feeds, then distills it into prioritized, actionable lists on a daily basis.


20 – 50 times more data analysis

capabilities than the competition

Up to 80% actionable insights

to facilitate more targeted responses to online content

Prioritizes tasks based on impact

to maximize media strategy effectiveness

Business challenge story

Managing online reputations

Today’s most successful businesses monitor their online identities carefully. However, with consumers using social media posts, blogs, videos and live streams to share opinions about and experiences with products and services, tuning in amidst the cacophony of information can seem overwhelming. Figuring out which pieces of information are important and which can be ignored? That is the stuff of dreams.

“It’s about making people’s jobs easier and more effective.”

—Michael Alatortsev, Founder, iTrend

Transformation story

Focusing in with daily insights

iTrend is making those dreams come true by using a collection of IBM® Watson™ APIs through the IBM Bluemix® cloud-based development platform. Michael Alatortsev, iTrend’s founder, explains. “We’ve built a platform that can ingest and process all kinds of data from social media, blogs, search trends, news, photos and videos. It can process images and what’s in them. Right now, we are the only company in the world that can discover and index every single live stream that’s being created in the world across all of the popular platforms.”

Before beginning its analysis, iTrend gets to know the customer and its goals, tailoring services to each customer’s specific needs; for example, increasing sales, improving customer service or entering a new market. Using this information as a starting point, the platform uses the IBM Watson solution’s cognitive capabilities to develop a comprehensive understanding of the customer.

iTrend combined the AlchemyData News, AlchemyLanguage, Relationship Extraction, Speech to Text and Visual Recognition APIs with its own technology to distill data into a prioritized and actionable list that gives customers a list of issues they can address. Alatortsev continues: “If you are a marketer, iTrend will give you a list of very interesting engagement opportunities that exist for you today—literally today. If you work in customer service, iTrend will provide you with a list of issues that may turn into real crises so that you can address them right away.”

Sometimes, notes Alatortsev, iTrend’s platform uncovers the unexpected. “Often, the platform finds things that are interesting or unusual or odd – things that humans alone would most likely miss. Our platform will tell users ‘hey, there’s something going on here, you should look into it.”

Results story

Making jobs more effective

With IBM Watson technology, iTrend can analyze 20 – 50 times more data than its competition by incorporating both live streaming video and indirect social media mentions into its algorithms. The organization can also filter fake influencers, including bots designed to inflate traditional metrics, so that it can focus on legitimate, actionable information.

In fact, Alatortsev estimates that 80 percent of the information iTrend delivers to customers is actionable—well above the industry average. He concludes: “It’s about making people’s jobs easier and more effective. I think everybody likes that.”


About iTrend

Founded in 2012 and based in Stamford, Connecticut, in the US, iTrend analyzes large volumes of unstructured public data to help individuals, startups, small businesses and large global enterprises understand trends within their industries, companies and product lines. The company employs approximately 10 people, and its customers include IKEA, Dell, Starwood Hotels and Reuters.